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Richard Wyld
Jeff Durward
Being a very regular customer to Amigo's I have never once been let down by their prompt home deliveries and the food is ALWAYS 5 star. I cannot praise them enough and wouldn't order from anywhere else.
Angela Bayldon
Pizzas and garlic bread are lovely and the chocolate mousse is the best ever!!
Judith Hood
Delicious food, quick delivery, good value for money.
Annabelle Ditty
Tried the Italiano pizza and got the Londoner (again) last night. Both were excellent and ready to pick up so quickly. I don't bother with other takeaway pizza places anymore.
Richard Wyld
Great job
Honestly the best, most authentic pizza I've ever eaten. They delivered our order at the estimated time (30 mins), Even though we didn't take advantage of any of their deals, the pizza was still really well priced, especially for how good it was.
Ty Lowe
The Pizzas here a made with skill and love, so I thought I would try their garlic avacado pasta and salt N pepper squid salad. Boy was I impressed, this has to be one of the best Delivery gourmet food eateries that I have ever ordered from. I refuse to go back to dominoes or pizza hut, they cannot compete with Amigo's. This website only let's me give a 5 star rating but I'd give it 10/10 if I could.
Service staff are lovely. Delivery within specified time. Have been eating food from here since I discovered it a couple of months ago. We all love the mango chicken parmy. Curly fries and sweet potato are a yummy alternative to chips. Deserts and salads always look and taste fresh.
Alex Gray
Excellent, as always
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